Indy Medical Group Opens New Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Indianapolis

Indy Medical Group
Released on: August 8, 2022


Indianapolis, IN – (August 8, 2022) Indy Medical Group announces the grand opening of a new medical weight loss clinic in Indianapolis, offering the most advanced medical weight loss therapy in over two decades. Supervised by a medical doctor and run by a medical specialist, this effective, safe, and affordable therapy is now available in the Indianapolis area by calling 317-225-4438 or by visiting

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It has been twenty years since any significant developments in the weight loss industry, despite the epidemic of overeating in the U.S. The poor health conditions that being overweight can cause are also rising. The practitioner who developed the Indy Weight Loss therapy felt it was time to approach the problem in a new way and find a medical weight loss approach without surgery or serious medications.

Indy Medical Group is owned by a weight loss practitioner and a team of specialists trained to work with patients who need to lose weight, but desire to do so without invasive gastric bypass surgery or stimulant-based pharmaceuticals. The clinic offers a new protein-based therapy that is easy to administer, is 100% safe and Doctor approved. Using the same form of protein the human body naturally produces, this solution elevates the number of proteins in the system, signaling to the person that they are not hungry, and in fact, fully satisfied.

Other weight loss programs focus on increasing metabolism (while increasing heart rate, which can pose risks) or limiting the amount of food you can eat (gastric surgery) while not ever dealing with hunger pangs and cravings. Indy Medical Group eliminates hunger and increases metabolism with a simple, natural protein formula combined with the fat-fighting nutrient B-12. People report having more energy, no desire to eat more than small amounts, and feeling great throughout the day.

Losing weight is the most important thing people can do to improve their overall health. Being at an optimum weight improves one’s chances of having normal blood pressure, fewer aches and pains, and a more efficient digestive system. It also lowers the risk of developing serious diseases. Until now, doctors have been limited to two options; Phentermine, (or Adipex), stimulants that increase the metabolism without curbing hunger–or gastric surgery, a sleeve that restricts the amount of food you can physically eat. This is a serious surgery with a long recovery time and calls for a lifetime of changing one’s eating habits.

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The Indy Medical Group’s therapeutic formula was developed by a weight loss doctor with twenty years of experience who found that many of his patients 1. did not qualify for either of the options above, or 2. could not afford them. And, these options did nothing to address the issue of hunger, cravings, and overeating. After years of research, the idea of using the body’s proteins to mimic the state the body goes into after eating came about. Now, this protein-based formula has been approved by the Doctor and is helping thousands of patients lose weight without severely altering their lifestyle, diet, or having to spend countless hours each day in a gym or suffering from hunger.

While the Indy Medical Group promotes eating more nutritious foods, eating less, and moving around more, none of those choices need to be made for the program to be successful. According to the founder Brock Isenhower, “Indy Medical Group starts at a very different place, administering a formula that curbs appetite and produces the feeling of being full and satisfied after eating small amounts.” By increasing the level of proteins and keeping levels safely elevated, patients eat less and have fewer cravings. The therapy requires a monthly check-in for health and to receive the next dose. There is no need to count calories, weigh portions, take serious medication, or make severe adjustments to lifestyle.

Interestingly, patients who lose weight on the program find it so effective and easy they make other important changes in diet and exercise, and enjoy doing so. According to Isenhower “The stress of constantly focusing on what to eat, how many calories there are, when the next meal or snack is, the lack of energy, the guilt–it all just goes away.” Patients find they have energy, they feel full, and when it is time to eat, they simply cannot eat very much. “The best part of our therapy,” says Isenhower “is that people stop feeling bad about their weight and what they eat. Many of my patients report that it is the most freedom they’ve had in years when it comes to weight loss.”

Patients come in once a month for the therapy, receiving a formula customized for them based on their medical history, BMI, and other factors. Clients are monitored during their monthly visit when they receive the next dose. The first visit takes about a half hour, and most people can start right away. Repeat visits take just a few minutes. An initial in-person office consultation is required.

For the 36.5 percent of Americans suffering from obesity, and the 32.5% who are overweight, especially those living in the Indianapolis area, the opening of the Indy Medical Group is good news indeed.

The Indy Medical Group is now open in Indianapolis and ready to offer safe, effective weight loss with an experienced team, and scheduling an in-person initial consultation is easy, just call 317-225-4438.


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